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How does one Wrangle 'Hippies' at any event?

Now, 'hippie’ is a loose term. Not derogatory in any sense.

We all identify with the idealistic term one way or another.

Who doesn’t yearn to be a care-free soul floating through the world?

We know we do.

You, as well as I, know that there is a reason that there are different access levels for any event. Not everyone needs to be able to go anywhere. Most wish they could access any corner of any event, but we can provide an opportunity for those to curate the experience they want with the choices they make.

At Hippie Wrangler we make it easy to navigate. We know the structure of any site, big or small. 


With over 25 years of collective event production experience, we understand the intricacies and importance of curating access control for any size event. Profitability and protection lay at the core of our mission. 


Our experience in the event world has led us to understand the importance of effective, distinguishable, affordable and curated access control and cashless management. An event is rarely profitable if access control isn’t water-tight.

Lets get on the phone to enhance the experience of your team and curate the perfect experience for all your valuable patrons, all at once.  


​- HW - 

justin brothers.jpg


As co-founder of Envision Festival Costa Rica, and with 10+ years experience in large-scale 

event production, the necessity arose for Justin to find a direct solution for secure wristbands. 


 He has an enormously detailed adaptation to any event and its access control needs. 


He, and the wristbands, are a product of his experience.



Music and festivals have been part of Luigi’s journey for the last 20 years as a prominent musician and producer of mid and large scale festivals. 

Luigi has been a member of Envision Festival Costa Rica since the beginning. All the while anchoring some of the most important music projects in Mexico as well as Costa Rica with his bass guitar. 

His extensive experience on and off the stage drives a keen eye towards the necessities that a secure and quality credential provide.

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